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On Guadeloupe there are many spectacular waterfalls and rivers to explore if you want to try out the adventurous sport of Aquatic Hiking. In this sport we follow the riverbeds downstream and takes us through the waters by foot, swimming, sliding or jumping. Aquatic Hiking is suitable for those who likes water, rainforest and exciting challenges. We explore some of the island ́s rivers that normally are hidden in the exciting tropical rainforest.

During this half day tour we travel south from the hotel and follow the coast of Basse Terre down to the river Grande Plaine where the waterfall Saut d’Acomat is. There, we meet up with our certified guide that provides us with the necessary equipment and show us what paths we should take. This is a Aquatic Hiking excursion for families because the guide will presents alternate routes around different passages. This way you can easily choose the level of difficulty that best suits you. To walk in the river, jump in freshwater ponds and go natural slides will give you a unique way to discover the wealth of the rainforest. Aquatic Hiking is the ultimate sport for those who love to play in water and want to spice it up with a great adventure.

This trip is for those who want an introduction to Aquatic Hiking or have a lovely family moment where excitement, fun and team spirit is the key. The trip includes transportation, equipment, snacks, certified guide.

Remember to bring your swimsuit, towel, extra socks and good shoes.

If you want to book or pre- book excursions this is only possible with the hotel.
Send an email to the activity team at the hotel and they will help you!

mail: Activity.frr@langley.eu