skydiving at Guadeloupe in the caribbean. skydiving at Guadeloupe in the caribbean.

Skydiving Guadeloupe

Taking off from Guadeloups Airport in Sant Francois - and feel the amazing sensation of skydiving in this paradise over the Caribbean islands from a unique viewpoint.

Enjoy an out-of-this-world view of beautiful beaches and clear lagoons, mixing the blue of the sky with the blue of the Caribbean Sea..... an unforgettable experience!

Our suppliers in Skydiving at Guadeloupe offers tandem skydives which allow you to feel the thrill of free falling. A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to feel the thrill of freefall.
No previous experience is required, as you will be securely attached to one of the certified and experieced instructors who will guide you through the whole experience.

But there is some really important things before skydiving and to be abel to jump:

- You need to be in good physical and mental health and not suffering from a disease against-indicating skydiving (especially cardiovascular diseases and epilepsy).
- Not having consumed alcoholic beverage in the last 5 hours.
- Do not have scuba diving made within 48 hours.
- Be at least (e) 14 years minimum.
- For minors, parental authorization, signed by both parents or legal guardian, photocopy of    their identity card, medical certificate.
- Pregnant women should wait a few months ...
- The medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of parachuting is not mandatory but is strongly recommended and is mandatory for minors and people over 50 years.
(general practitioner)
- Weight for the practice of skydiving in tandem: between 40 and 90 kg

If you know that you want to jump before your arrival please check with your doctor for an medical certification and also pre-book the excursion.

Guadeloupe - Skydiving at Guadeloupe in the caribbean. Parachuting in caribbean.
Skydiving Guadeloupe. Parachuting over the caribbean island.
Skydiving in Guadeloupe. Parachuring in caribbean and see the crystal blue water and over the french west indies.