How many do you know who has seen an active volcano up close? With us you have a chance to do it! La Soufriere is one of the most active volcanos in the world, and we will both see the smoke, smell its brimstone fumes and heard its activity. You do not need to worry, La Soufriere is also one of the world's most closely monitored volcanoes.

We leave the hotel early in the morning to go down to Sainte Claude which we will reach after 1,5 hour. Here we will meet up with our professional mountain guide. The bus takes us up at 900 meters of altitude, and in the company of our guide, we will now climb Guadeloupe highest point at 1467 meters above sea level.

We will pass some impressive view points and make it through different types of nature. On the way up to the volcano's crater, the local guide tell us about the rainforest and volcanic landscape. The walk is partly steep and slippery so you need both good shoes and decent physics to be able to make it all the way up to the top. If we are lucky it will be clear weather on the way up, in which case we will not only see whole Guadeloupe but also be able to spot the neighboring islands. When we finally are back down at the foot of the volcano, it is possible to take a relaxing bath in a hot volcanic spring.

Certified guide, guide, lunch and transportation is included in the excursion. Do not forget to bring a spare change of clothes, rain jacket, a warm sweater (it can sometimes be down towards 10 degrees at the top), a swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen and water.

If you want to book or pre- book excursions this is only possible with the hotel.
Send an email to the activity team at the hotel and they will help you!


Vulcano trekking Guadeloupe - Soufriere. Vulkan vandring. Aktiv vulkan i karibien.
volcano soufriere at Guadeloupe. Volcano trekking and adventure. Swim in hot springs next to the volcano.
Maria Cerboni - Guadeloupe - vulkan vandring och yoga.
Volcano at Guadeloupe. Soufriere the highest point in the french west indies , caribbean.