The Caribbean seas are full of life. From microscopic organisms to the colorful aquarium fishes and turtles. But there are a whole lot of whales and dolphins. The amount of stationary whales outside Guadeloupe is relatively small, but the number of humpback- and sperm whales which pass west of us during the immigration period is significantly larger.

As with all the tours which relies on a natural wildlife, off course we can not guarantee anything, but the chances the chances that we will see both dolphins and whales are big. On the boat we are also accompanied by a marine biologist who with the help of various sound detection system and other instruments can hear and see where the dolphins are, and in many cases, the giant whales are not far away. We will also be taught about the life and the importance of protection of these magnificent animals.

From the closest port of the hotel, Deshaies, we will head west towards the deep parts of the Caribbean Sea. Here it is common we will encounter with curious dolphins who come close to the boat and welcomes us on our tour. Further out the landscape of the bottom changes drastically and it becomes much more shallow. In this shallow area there are plenty of small fish together with a large part of the stationary whales of Guadeloupe.

Do not forget your camera, it is a must on this trip! Include sunscreen and an extra sweater. We provide transportation, boat . This is half a day, so we are back at the hotel on time for lunch.

If you want to book or pre- book excursions this is only possible with the hotel.
Send an email to the activity team at the hotel and they will help you!

mail: Activity.frr@langley.eu 

Delfiner i karibien. Simma och snorkla med delfiner - Guadeloupe.
Dolphins in Guadeloupe - Caribbean - French West Indies. Yoga retreat - swim with dolphins.
Swim and see dolphins in caribbean. Guadeloupe whale watching tours.