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Maria Cerboni 
Corpo By Cerboni

These days I work as yoga, SUP and tour guide and share knowledge. I am a happy and playful woman who is grateful to be alive, although life has not always been this easy and happy.

For many years I lived with destructive habits such as eating disorders, orthorexia, anorexia and depression. It took my life on a rollercoaster to the top and down to the very bottom. I kept my destructive behaviors as an secret for many years and no one suspected that anything was wrong as I had periods of time when my weight was normal. I continued to live this destructive way and hurt myself and many people around.

I managed to compete for the national Swedish horseriding team, trained hard, traveled around the world and hade career job but was always under constant self-hatred and suffering from anxiety. 
When I finally told the doctors about my eating disorder, I began treatment and visited with many rehab centers, treatment centers, psychologists and hospitals. I had to be taken in by ambulance, experienced cardiac arrest and epilepsy. It was getting to a point where I wanted to end my life and not live more.

The experiencing with the epilepsy actually helped me to realise; Do I want to live or die? One day at work my body just stopped and collapsed into epilepsy seizures, and this after this the doctors and my emplyee didn´t allowed me to work and I felt like it was the worst time of my life.
I had worked since I was 14 years old and never been out sick from work or my training, but now the doctors told me that I was not allowed to work and was told to rest and not do anything.... That is very hard to do for a person with eating disorders and anxiety.
Not working just made me more depressed and I started spiraling back into my bad habits, my eating disorders and depression became worse then ever before. I went home and locked myself in during this dark period of my life.

But in that darkness, I found Yoga and the healing power to be in the nature and the creative power. I have always been a very active, sporty, energetic and creative girl and with just slowing down , practice Yoga, be in the nature , write and create projects like design jewellery helped me to believe in myself and go after what I really want to do and how I want to live in life.

I started to create and design and one day I began to create small figures at home and I was constantly dissatisfied when I couldn't get them to be perfect. But one day while looking at one of these imperfect figures I found myself in deep thought and started laughing. It was probably the most disproportionate figure I had ever seen but it made me realize that it was unique. The body just looked so cool with its legs and arms being long on one side and short on the other. It was quite unique and that is what us humans are... unique! No one is perfect and we are all unique with our own bodies.
The figure represented the fact that all of us are unique and should believe in ourselves. That is how the symbol CORPO BY CERBONI came alive and also how the jewellery was borned.
Today I see that first figure in my head and it makes me think of how we are all unique and that I want to reach out and help others who are unhappy.

Because no matter what we look like, how we dress, how much money you got or what we do for a living, we are all here on earth sharing our planet and we all have a chance to be happy with our lives. The only thing that matters is that we love everyone around us and that we accept them no matter what.

I have worked for many different companies and areas ranging from marketing and sales to restaurants and fitness and have travelled extensively while also living in many different countries. I have experienced alot and built up an incredible network during all these years. Yet I have so much left to experience in life and learn new things from every interaction I have. Yoga helped me out of the darkness and into the light. I have studied yoga in both Sweden and the United States and always keep study more and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and life experiences with others.
Due to me experiences with depression, anxiety and eating disorders and almost die I have a understanding of people's different situations and changes in life. It has helped me to encourage others to go outside of their comfort zones and to grow as an individual and find the way back to ourselves.
We can all find that peace and freedom.

CORPO BY CERBONI encourages us all to feel good, love our bodies and to share our knowledge, but most importantly it encourages us all to love each other for who we are, because we are all unique. Be yourself and not a copy of someone else.

Nowdays I live in Gothenburg - Sweden and also travel round the world and guide people in Yoga, SUP / BOARD Yoga, Aqua Yoga and also work as an tour and excursion guide. I love this combination and to get chance to connect, guide and make joy and happiness in the world.

 I happily accept inquiries for yoga inspiration, classes and lectures.
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Welcome to read about the jewellery and symbol of corpo by cerboni

Maria Cerboni Foto: Pontus Ny - Corpo By Cerboni - Ståpaddla

    Maria Cerboni 

- STRALA YOGA 200h-Tara Stiles
-Certified Wellness Therapist 
-Certified Massage Therapist 
- Strenght Instructor, S.A.F.E 
- Diploma in Medicare Yoga
- Yoga, Global Yoga 100h 
- Yoga Teacher Training 200h 
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